Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Should use images of actual item/service (intended to rent or sell).
  • Copyright issues should not arise and if found, our company/ website / management/ employees / assets will not be responsible in any manner.
  • Violence / Text as images / Threatening/Nudity / Communal/ Sensitive/ Sentimental/ Abusive/ Illegal/ Misleading are not allowed.
Trustworthy contents
  • Should use www.GetSetRent.ae by GetSetWorld FZE’s business service websites /Apps for only advertising true and actual contents with actual features / specifications/ Terms and Conditions including payment amount and mode.
  • No ads to be posted which are illegal as per the region you are posting.
  • Violence / Threatening/Nudity / Communal/ Sensitive/ Sentimental/ Abusive/ Illegal/ Misleading are not allowed.
  • Intended price/value for the items’/services’ offered through Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s should be clearly stated and should not offer higher price when a prospective client/user approaches in regards to your ad.
  • Registration / Log in using Social Media accounts or direct registration to use/access Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s log in should comply with related service provider’s terms and conditions . We also recommend you to change password very often to secure your accounts.
Sharing of Data
  • Should not share any personal images / contact numbers /addresses / bank account or banking instruments details unless you really need to do so and if shared, Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s will not take any personal or legal responsibility for misuses.
  • Sharing contents from Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s to other social media platforms / or using messenger services should strictly follow as per the terms and conditions you agreed while creating those accounts.
  • No one can use or claim for Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s for online marketing which does not have legal approval / registrations as required by the operating country or region.
  • Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s will not be held responsible for any misuse of your data or misusing of data which are not under Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s control like hacking, data stealing, or anyone using our service for data collection.
  • Getsetworld FZE’s business / service website’s tangible and intangible assets including websites, management, business registered authorities etc will not be held responsible to any of our service users in any manner.
  • We are using technological support from different service providers such as Hosting, Google Maps or Applications etc.
  • Accuracy of data depends on the combined effect of ad posted and technological supports received.
  • Getsetworld FZE does not claim ownership and accuracy of external service providers used in our service wesbites/platforms/softwares etc.
  • Getsetworld FZE and it’s websites/apps/services/businesses and their logos are under Getsetworld FZE control and ownership including intellectual properties.
  • Third party Logos, names, brand names, valuable markings if seen in GetSetWorld FZE, the same is used while applying their services or ads and Getsetworld FZE will not claim ownership for the same.
  • Getsetworld FZE do not claim or promise the accuracy of any ads posted in our service websites as we have limited control over our users contents to respect their privacy as well as technological support received from other sources and third parties associated with our service website. Hence Getsetworld FZE will not be responsible for any of such instances or occations.
  • Getsetworld FZE do not hold responsibility for any copyright, Trade Marks, Logos, Brand Names, Tag lines, Business names, Personal names, Intellectual properties, Images/pictures, texts or any of such manner and the user should ensure social safety and decency.
  • Getsetworld FZE is committed to ensure public safety and social responsibility and if required, will cooperate with government legal bodies in the area of operations.
  • Getsetworld FZE service users are asked to follow the terms and conditions mentioned and use the services for only legally accepted and respected purposes and failing to comply with the terms and conditions by any registered users or business accounts lead to temporary or permanent suspension of account or other legal formalities.
  • Getsetworld FZE services, though we provide best services and security, like any publically accessed websites, we are also prone to mischievous accesses or corruptions without our knowledge, data loss etc. But we do our best to maintain effective protection from such occurrences.
  • Getsetworld FZE online/offline services are run on one of the most secured servers to maintain data / service efficiency, and 100% server uptime, however in case of any loss in data, we try to recover the same from our latest available backup on conditions that we do not ensure/hold responsibility or accepts claims from all types of users as all online service / platforms or such services, it is all vulnerable to cyber-criminalactivities and including server performance and uptime/downtime issues.
  • Getsetworld FZE can charge for the services provided and can decide or change the offers, payments, fees at any time by notifying users 7 days in advance.
  • Getsetworld FZE has the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time to comply with the rules and regulations and also to ensure safety of our users and all sort of users are requested to visit the terms and conditions occasionally.
  • Getsetworld FZE, if finds any ad or ad contents including images as inappropriate or receive objections, Getsetworld FZE has the right to remove such contents with or without the consent of the user to ensure public interest and safety.
  • Getsetworld FZE may collect/share services users contact details with name , email, contact number, profile IDs etc for communication purpose for more interactive users experience, improvement of services etc.
  • Getsetworld FZE may contact registered users to update on latest offers and enhancements done to our services.
  • Getsetworld FZE has the right to suspend/delete an account temporary or permanently if the user does not abide with terms and conditions or for misusing the service for any illegal activities and doing business advertisements without obtaining prior approval from Getsetworld FZE.
  • GetSetWorld FZE will be not be responsible for any kind of claims made by any user (personal or business) in case of any down time/closure/temporary or permanent cease of all or any particular service or of web/app services.
Agent/Business Accounts
  • All terms &conditions mentioned above are applicable to the Agent/Business accounts holder/users.
  • Getsetworld FZE and the Agent/Business Company mutually agrees and gets in to a contract.
  • Getsetworld FZE will issue invoice post contract / Account Creation confirmation.All package/offers the agent/business has obtained at the time of commitment will be mentioned on the invoice and if there is any change/mistake, the same has to be notified at hi@getsetrent.ae within 7 working days, post this period, the invoice will be considered as correct and confirmed.
  • Getsetworld FZE has the right to change the structure of package, package charges, package limits etc with 7 days prior notice.
  • All Business/Agent users must keep only genuine information including images and ensure to keep updated data all the time.
  • Getsetworld FZE has the right to suspend/delete business/agent accounts temporary/ permanently without prior notice incase of any continuous consumer complaints or such instances noticed by Getsetworld FZE management.
  • Any offers/promotions communicated/committed to consumers/users/Getsetworld FZE management by Business/agent users, directly or via Getsetworld FZE communications sources, the same has to be fulfilled and failing to abide this policy, Getsetworld FZE can take action on the same.
  • All business/agent account users must provide their updated Trade License copy after every renewal and cancellation or cease of business has to be reported immediately to Getsetworld FZE management.
  • Change in management, company structure, change in address, contact details etc., has to be notified immediately.

Getsetworld FZE can add/change the Terms and conditions without prior notice and all types of users are requested to check the terms and conditions occasionally or can contact at hi@getsetrent.ae to check on the same if unable to see/access the same.

GetSetWorld FZE may send notifications, updates, Offers, messages, alerts/notifications or advertisements etc. by means of communication channels to all registered users/agents of all sort by means of GetSetWorld FZE’s service over platforms including employees or assigned agents and third party agents or softwares or services.

Incase of any complaints, suggestions, feedbacks regarding GetSetWorld FZE’s services or employees , the same has to be notified to the management at hi@getsetworld.com.

The contents, categories, sub-categories and services/offers listed in this website/app/service/platform is as per international standard and users of all kind are requested to ensure to post their advertisements which are only legal within the country you are using and targeting for using this website /app platform. Any illegal contents posted in website will only be the responsibility of the person who posted the advertisement using his/her account.

All users are requested to change password often to ensure security of your accounts as the account holder will be responsible for the ads posted in the Get Set Rent web/app platform. In case if any user finds or notices any suspicious usage of your account, all user are requested to reset the password immediately and if user is not able to access his/her/agent/business accounts, the same has to be reported to Get Set Rent Management by email hi@getsetworld.com.